1011 Emmanuel Road SW
Floyd, Virginia 24091

{Joel Pratt} Motivational Speaker | Singer | Songwriter
Former school teacher mixing words with music to help you reach for a little extra in your life — specializing in education, businesses and civic organizations. Read more of Joel's bio

Offering common sense wisdom with music dispersed throughout the presentation, Joel is able to reach his audience in a way that will make them more productive on the job, and maybe in their personal lives as well. His talking points are simple and may be applied to a wide variety of audiences.

  • You have a unique opportunity to make a difference in your job
  • You must be comfortable with who you are but be willing and able to step outside your comfort zone
  • Using MAPS can keep a good balance in your life so that you can perform at your maximum potential
    • M – Mental side; A – Adventurous side; P – Physical side; S – Spiritual side
  • You must understand that others will remember and appreciate you for a job well done

Joel believes that computer technology in today's world is essential, but he also believes that the personal side is often neglected. His presentation is about how important that personal side is in building relationships with those around us that will last a lifetime.

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